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Dear Parents and Athletes, The Bentonville School District and Northwest Medical Center are partnering to provide our athletes who participate in sanctioned sports free physicals. Sports physicals will be available to all Bentonville Schools Student Athletes entering grades 7-12. This year, both high schools will be sponsoring a day for you to receive your free physical.

Please have your athlete wear athletic attire. If you are a minor coming without a parent/guardian, you MUST have a paper copy of the physical form with the history portion filled out and signed by your parent/guardian. July 27th BENTONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Tiger Athletic Complex (TAC) ENTRANCE 8 AM – 5 PM *We will stop taking kids depending on the wait time to make sure Providers can finish. Providers must leave at 5 PM. Please plan accordingly. * **BHS, Washington JH, and Fulbright JH athletes**

If you have any questions please contact:

Drew Bombardiere Head Athletic Trainer

Michael Nolan Assistant Athletic Trainer

Canyon Barber Assistant Athletic Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions
How long is a physical valid? Per AAA guidelines, a physical is valid for 15 months after the date the physician documented on the PPE. (i.e. If your physical was signed in Jan. 2020, it will expire April 2021)

Where can I get a physical exam form? Sports Physical Form

Does a parent or guardian need to be present? An athlete 18 years of age or older does not need a parent/guardian present for their physical exam. An athlete 18 years old or younger must have a paper copy of the history page of the PPE completed and signed by a parent or guardian in order to be seen without a parent or guardian present. IF you do not have your paper copy of the history page signed by a parent/guardian you will be turned away to get the form filled out and signed.

What should I wear? Please wear athletic attire (athletic bottoms, athletic top, and sneakers). If I wear glasses do I need to wear them? Yes. You will need to be able to read an eye chart so please wear your contacts or bring your glasses so you will be able to pass that portion of the exam.

What if I am unable to attend the scheduled date? You may receive a physical exam from your family doctor or any urgent care center where physicals are offered. Northwest Medical Center offers physical exams at their urgent care centers for a $25 charge.

What do I do with my completed physical? Upload a clear picture of your completed physical exam form to your dragon fly account. The form must have the athletes name at the top and be signed AND dated by the provider at the bottom of the page. If you do not have a DragonFly Max account please follow this link to create your account.